Affordable Concierge Medicine

Get the Care You Need

Individualized Care

Individual services that puts the focus on you, your health care goals and your relationship with your physician.

Prevention & Longevity

Take control of your health with an all-inclusive primary care membership that focuses on prevention and longevity.

Same Day Visit Guaranteed

With your membership, you are guaranteed same-day visits or next-day visits during normal business hours.

Direct Primary Care Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Our services allows patients 24/7 access to their doctors, with minimal or no wait times for appointments.
Get the care you need, whenever you need it. Personalized service and access to preventative screenings can all be yours with a membership to Anytime DRs.

communication is key

personal service

Get the care you need

Take control of your health with an all-inclusive primary care membership that focuses on prevention and longevity. Individualized care for you and your family.

Continuity of care

Your primary care physician develops a comprehensive snapshot of your health which helps diagnose illnesses more accurately.

Time saving

When a patient has an established relationship with a primary care doctor, issues that come up in between annual check ups can often be addressed quickly.


The more a doctor is aware of your overall health, the more likely they will be able to identify health problems before they happen.


important things you should know

Questions And Answers

An emerging trend in modern healthcare allowing for a more individualized and personalized approach to patient-centered healthcare. Concierge medicine is not a new concept but it is rapidly increasing in popularity due to the current unmet need in healthcare.

Imagine texting, calling or e-mailing your physician DIRECTLY! No front office involved, no voicemails, no messages…..just you and your doctor, scheduling the same or next day visit, answering questions or just following up on labs or tests! That is concierge healthcare.

For many reasons:

  • Long wait times or inability to conveniently get in and see your doctor for an appointment.
  • High insurance deductibles and costly co-pays leading to lack of preventative care and wellness visits on a regular or as needed basis.
  • Inability to communicate directly with your doctor by cell phone, text, e-mail or in person WHEN needed.
  • No health insurance or coverage due to very high and costly premiums with skyrocketing health insurance deductibles, leaving the present and future to only chance, fate and karma.
  • Restrictive insurance plans that limit your treatment options

The cost for quality service and concierge healthcare!

  • Around the clock access to your anytime doctor with direct and convenient communication and availability by cellphone, text, e-mail or in person. This allows for Personalized and Individualized healthcare, much like any other First Class or VIP service.
  • Same or next day appointments.
  • Immediate pickup or return calls from your anytime doctor, usually within the hour. No need to speak with staff or receptionist.
  • At-cost blood work, imaging services, medications and discounted access to chiropractic, dental and vision services.
  • Affordable concierge medicine. Most concierge doctors have fees only the wealthy can afford. We believe everyone should have access to top quality medical care.

There is no comparison! Why? With Anytime DRs…..

  • Minimal or no wait times, with same or next day appointments.
  • No co-pays or deductibles.
  • Around the clock availability.
  • Peace of mind with continuity of care.
  • Affordable and convenient access based on your schedule.
  • Treatment by a doctor who personally knows you and your medical background.
  • Virtual appointments with your doctor.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No lengthy waits in a waiting room.
  • No rushed appointments.

There are no co-pays, no deductibles and no hidden fees for services covered by Anytime DRs.

Our philosophy is plain and simple complete transparency between you and your physician regarding any and all health care services recommended or received. It is simply a flat rate.

Any additional lab work, diagnostic imaging, or other services and medications are provided at cost or extremely discounted rates. In the event that your anytime doctor is on vacation or attending a medical conference, he will be covered by a qualified colleague. Your anytime doctor should still be available by cellphone, text or email, unless you are previously notified to the contrary.

You may be hospitalized at the hospital of your choice. Although the hospitalist service will be the attending physician of record, your anytime doctor will coordinate your care with the hospitalist as your personal physician and will be available for phone consultations with you and/or the hospitalist.

It is simple and easy to start your membership!

  • Submit your name and contact information.
  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Show up to your initial (up to 90 minutes) health assessment and preventative consultation and visit.
  • Fill out paperwork, undergo history and preventative physical examination and assessment along with all indicated testing
  • Enjoy the MANY benefits of affordable, timely, and convenient access to your Anytime DRs, anytime, anywhere!

Patients will be accepted in the order in which they join, and once AnytimeDRs reaches capacity, it will not accept any additional patients until an existing spot opens up.

If you have any additional questions please contact us by phone or through our contact form.

We keep our fees low for many reasons –

  • The founding partners wish to provide quality and convenient access to concierge healthcare for the general public at a price that is affordable.
  • Concierge healthcare should be available to all, not just the rich and wealthy.
  • Access to quality concierge healthcare focusing on prevention and overall wellness should be affordable to ALL!
  • The founder of Anytime DRs was born in the USA. He is a licensed, board-certified medical doctor, practicing for nearly 20 years. He wishes to utilize the relationships he has acquired and respectfully developed over the years and decades with affiliated healthcare services and providers to help and benefit the many individuals in need of access to affordable and quality concierge healthcare.

While most insurance plans cover primary care office visits and other services, patients often have difficulty in obtaining timely appointments with their doctor and rarely have adequate time for their concerns to be fully heard and addressed. Despite their best intentions, physicians are frequently left feeling rushed and unable to fully address wellness and preventive health approaches.

Anytime DRs provides a level of personal service generally not found in a traditional primary care medical practice, including direct access to your anytime doctor by cell phone and email, anytime, anywhere and office visits of more than 15 minutes, and true coordination of your care with specialists and other physicians handled personally by your anytime doctor.

In addition, with large co-pays and huge deductibles on the rise, patients are often left with “sick care” insurance and not actual “healthcare” insurance, providing primary preventative services for the early detection of cancer and/or heart disease for overall wellness.

This membership model is NOT an insurance plan, and you will need to keep your existing health insurance to pay for specialist physician services, prescription drugs, and hospitalizations.

Yes, the Annual Fee covers services available to you while you are a member of Anytime DRs. If you leave Anytime DRs for any reason, a pro-rata portion of the Annual Fee already paid will be refunded to you.

(If you have already received your annual comprehensive preventative health assessment and exam for the year, then an amount for that exam will be deducted from any pro-rata refund owed to you). There is no risk or long term commitment.

Your anytime doctor will coordinate your care with the appropriate specialist(s) to best address your particular medical condition, and share all relevant clinical information. Your anytime doctor will closely monitor your progress while you are under the specialist’s care.

Your anytime doctor will be available by cell phone, text and/or email after-hours and on weekends, except when away for medical conferences and vacation, in which case Anytime DRs will be covered by a physician colleague.