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Affordable Concierge Medicine

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Unlike other concierge healthcare models, Anytime DRs offers comparable services for a fraction of the cost. There is no tiered system of payment, no groups or schematics to join, it is the same (non-discriminatory rate) for ALL individuals, $99/month, regardless of age or medical conditions. Our primary goal is to emphasize prevention and wellness, with a proactive (not reactive) approach to patient-centric care. We aspire that healthy choices & lifestyles along with our Anytime DRs access and convenient availability will prevent unnecessary ER visits and/or hospitalizations, and ultimately assist in reducing our nation’s healthcare cost burden!

Why so cheap? The answer is quite simple, there is no “middle man/woman”, no organization that is sharing the fee. Overhead has been kept to a bare minimum to allow affordable access for the general public. There is no upcharge for any service offered, it is simply $99/month. All services are provided at cost!

The vision at AnytimeDRs is to provide convenient and affordable access to quality concierge healthcare, focusing on prevention and wellness, at all times. We wish for everyone to enjoy this wonderful journey of life that we are blessed to experience, in good health. Concierge healthcare should be affordable and enjoyed by everyone, not just the elite.

We use the acronym “ACA” (not Affordable Care Act), but rather Affordable, Convenient Access. Our goal is to provide the same quality of impeccable healthcare services we have personally provided in traditional office practice to over 1000s of individuals and families in our diverse communities for over the last 20 years.

We are now providing the same, unparalleled, dedicated and compassionate services through the Anytime DRs concierge healthcare platform.

Anytime DRs will be providing direct access to the doctor’s personal cell phone and e-mail for convenient and timely access for patients that enroll with Anytime DRs. There will be no staff or receptionist(s) to speak with. The patients will be able to schedule their own appointments with the doctor as needed.

At Anytime DRs, we believe that the general public, from students to employees, shift workers, employers, CEOs and everyone in between, can & will enjoy our MANY benefits. These benefits will include direct and convenient access for simple questions, concerns, medication refills or simply to get into the office for a same or next day acute care or other medical visit.

Why pay more? Contact us now and start enjoying the peace of mind, knowing your health is in good hands with Anytime DRs! After all, “Health is not valued till sickness comes” – Thomas Fuller