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Our Spin on Direct Primary Care Medicine

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Direct primary care is growing in popularity because it focuses on recreating the old-time patient physician relationship. The patient provides the physician with a fixed amount for medical care without any government or insurance involvement. There are no copays or additional charges. The direct primary care model is structured to emphasize and prioritize the intrinisc power of the relationship between a patient and his/her physician to improve health outcomes and lower overall health care costs.

Our spin is that we make this model extremely affordable to everyone with a direct primary care concierge medicine model.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care

  • Convenient care that is offered at the medical practice or virtually offered through phone call, text or virtual appointments.
  • Personal care. Instead of prioritizing volume, direct primary care practices limit patients to 400-600 total patients (compared to the 2,000 – 3,000 in a traditional practice) which allows for more personalized care.
  • Patient oriented care. With the smaller patient number and direct payment structure, physicians have plenty of time to spend with each patient and can accommodate patient appointments either same day or next day. There is also plenty of opportunity for wellness and proactive healthcare. This all ultimately saves the patient money by reducing unnecessary medications, subspecialist appointments, and ER and urgent care visits.
  • Offer best treatment options. In this model, the government and health insurance companies are not modifying or dictating the course of treatment. This allows the physician to provide every patient with optimal care and treatment options.
  • Proactive, preventative care. Direct primary care encourages wellness visits due to the nature of the prepaid membership fee. Patients in this model are more apt to seek preventative care since the fee has already been paid which ultimately decreases unnecessary illness and other medical problems.